This is just wrong!! You've never seen anything like this shit in your life. If it's tasteless movies you're after, you've just hit the jackpot!
Mmmmm... yummy! The only thing this nasty blonde slut loves more than a hard cock is sticking her tongue up a man's ass while she plays with on.... well whatever floats your boat!
I don't quite know what to say.... that's really got to hurt! Spring loaded pussy clamps... pegs on the nipples.... maybe just a nice hard spanking....
Don't worry... you're not going crazy.... you did just see two midgets fucking each other with a massive strap-on cock!
Fuck me... this is one small chick... but by the looks of things, she's got a huge appetite for cock! You
haven't seen a little person bounce around like this since Willy Wonka!
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